Natural Remedy For Chlamydia – Chinese Herbs Did The Trick!

Of course it is not fun talking about an embarrassing sexually transmitted disease contraction but I must tell you about a natural cure for Chlamydia…a natural remedy for Chlamydia simply because we are all one human family and need to share knowledge with each other. It makes me happy and proud to know that this article will help someone to heal!Keep reading for a natural remedy for Chlamydia, a natural cure for Chlamydia!

Several months back I contracted Chlamydia from a girlfriend. She was diagnosed positive at the local hospital. I had been having unprotected sex with her and was told that the probability of my also having it was nearly 100%.  Keep reading for a natural remedy for Chlamydia, a natural cure for Chlamydia! 

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Soon thereafter I began having pain in my bladder area and so I knew that I did have Chlamydia. Being a “health logical and sensible” type of person (one that does not totally buy into the common medical industry), I decided to try to find a natural remedy for Chlamydia like an herb or herbs that would cure my problem. When I was young I learned the hard way that it was illogical to destroy my immune system with unnatural man-made antibiotics.  Keep reading for a natural remedy for Chlamydia, a natural cure for Chlamydia!

Now, after 18 years of studying natural healing, I have learned that most of the time it is best to use natural therapies to heal ourselves. This was my goal once again.  I was seeking a natural remedy for chlamydia.  Chlamydia is supposedly the most prominent s.t.d. in the world. On the internet I was not really having much luck finding any positive experiences of people using herbs to heal this disease. Seems here in America people have just given in to using antibiotics for Chlamydia and so many other bacterial diseases. It does not surprise me that I eventually found two Chinese herbal combinations to help me. China and India are king when it comes to knowing herbs and I had heard that they have had great success in curing Chlamydia. Also, on another note, anyone with a spiritual faith and also a natural instinct must know that God wants us to use herbs in a natural…unaltered form and that to change the molecular structure of a natural plant substance just so that a company can make money from a patent is wrong and unethical.

I eventually found an herbal company that could help me.  For several years I had their link on this article but they, like many others are afraid to be sued or prosecuted for simply prescribing natural, God given supplements.  They asked me to remove their link and so I did.  I will not remove the article because I believe I have written it responsibly and honesty.  Maybe not everyone will benefit from it but I think most will.  If someone wants to do the quick fix drug method then fine, but that is not my choice for sure.  I have learned my lesson with prescription drugs and now stay clear the hell away from them! 

A combination of the herbs Coptis and Scute and a Gentiana formula were traditional Chinese herbal combinations that were recommended. This was the natural remedy for chlamydia that I was seeking.  The Coptis & Scute combination is just those two herbs only.  The Gentiana formula is an herbal combination with Gentiana scabra root, Asian water plantain rhizome, Bupleurum root, Akebia stem, Asian plantain seed, Dong quai root, Raw Rehmannia root, Gardenia fruit, Chinese skullcap root, Chinese Licorice root.

The recommended dosage was four capsules, three times a day of each formula until the bottles ran out. After I finished the first bottles I decided to do one more of each bottle just to make sure I had kicked it (the Chlamydia) all out. After I was finished I waited about a week and then went and took the Chlamydia test at a local lab. Guess what? I am free of that sexually transmitted disease! (I knew I would be clean before I took the tests because I did not have symptoms any more. I wanted to test just to make sure and also to prove that it could be done the better way…with herbs). While I was at it I tested for all the other s.t.d.s and also tested negative. Thank you lord! 

In conclusion I would like to say that I know that there are natural plant based cures for most diseases. Although I know we have so many more to discover, I always try to find a natural remedy before resorting to man made drugs. The side effects and repercussions of pharmaceuticals are horrible and well worth avoiding whenever possible.

Source by Brett Rodgers

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